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Qld Valuer-General: Statutory Land Valuations for 2017 did not include Cairns Regional Council or Douglas. Updated valuations included Cassowary Coast, Tableland and Mareeba Shires.

2016 land valuations included new valuations for Cairns Regional Council and Douglas. Cassowary Coast, Tableland and Mareeba were not revalued. Valuations are intended to reflect the market at October 1 the previous year.

The median residential land valuation released in 2016 for Cairns increased by 9% from the previous valuation released in 2015. Median valuation and annual change for the major Cairns suburbs as reported by the V-G are shown below.

Residential land valuations shown reflects housing land exclusive of multi-unit land. Further details including other land categories and an annual report from the V-G are available at the V-G website. Land valuations for 2016 are accessible free of any charges until May 31st.

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