Belated Rick Carr Vale

Early this year we prematurely lost Rick Carr who had been producing CairnsWatch at Herron Todd White for many years. I had intended to post at the time and has been on my mind ever since. I’m not sure if I’m mistaken but subscribed to a glossy hard copy report way back in the early…

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Bumper 1H at Reef Casino

Reef Casino (RCT) have posted estimated distributable 1H profit to June 30 of approximately 6.0 million. This isn’t far short of the previous 1H peak back in 2015. This chart is adjusted to exclude items such as the impairments which were written off in the 1H 2020 result amid covid closure uncertainty and written back…

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SQM May Rental Vacancies

SQM posted rental vacancy data for May this week. To start at the conclusion from Louis Christopher: Rental vacancy rates have fallen across the board in May, driving rents higher, especially in regional locations. This trend is likely to remain through the second half of the year, given the fierce competition for rental accommodation in…

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Simple Rule

Any outside commentator and no matter how many letters or reputational credentials attached to their name will almost always over-state tourism in the Cairns regional economy, this century. That’s all Note: This has been updated to apply to this century.

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Electoral Enrolments

Electoral enrolment numbers data is an imperfect indicator of population movements. They are probably though a better indicator if anything since immigration was slammed shut. There is currently a Commonwealth redistribution happening with an additional seat allocated to Victoria and a loss in Western Australia: Determination of membership entitlement to the House of Representatives: Information…

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Selected Payrolls Data

Catching up on regional payrolls data which is due to be updated by ABS next week. Usual caveats around seasonality on a new series with a short history. If I had to eyeball a trend to watch here it would be Mackay which was initially among the most resilient regions despite including Whitsundays. Conus: What’s…

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