22,660 Dole Bludgers?

Cairns Post($) have jumped onboard: Cairns jobs: Frustration over numbers on JobSeeker An influx of jobs is becoming available across FNQ as businesses rebuild from a challenging year, but a lack of interest from those “enjoying” government subsidies is sparking frustration. Inclusive of the usual anecdotal commentary from self-serving business leaders as well as numbers…

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Vacancy rates all about Houses

SQM vacancy rates for October with commentary from Louis Christopher: Rental vacancy rates continue to remain elevated in our larger capital cities. While regional locations are still recording near zero rental vacancies. I believe the ongoing phenomenon, which started on the outset of Covid-19 lockdowns will in part reverse out once Coronavirus is behind us.…

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JobSeekers October

JobSeeker numbers for October raise some issues that go back to misinterpretations following the initial posting on this series from DSS in March: JobSeekers aint “job seekers” As support through this facility is pulled back and conditions returned it becomes opaque to what extent it represents changes in the labour market. Jobseeker numbers are falling and…

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Unrecessionary Insolvencies

Australian Financial Security Authority post quarterly SA3 regional statistics on personal insolvency. This is new insolvencies registered during the quarter: Small numbers can make this data patchy in less populous regions so I have stuck to the two Cairns urban area SA3. This pretty much follows the Queensland trend which had been declining since 2018…

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Insurance Moves #2

I recently posted Insurance Moves following media reports of rapidly increasing strata insurance rates for some properties. This week from ABC Radio: Can Australians continue to safely (and affordably) live amongst the trees, or by the sea? There are reasons to be skeptical of anecdotal numbers which have previously proven unreliable on analysis. The Mackay…

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Pokies reverting towards reality

October pokies numbers for the Far North are reverting toward the Queensland mean and both are reverting towards reality but remain elevated. Queensland EGM Growth by Various Regions YoY October July-September* Queensland 16.3% 24.8% Cairns SA4 25.7% 41.6% Cairns LGA 24.3% 40.8% Townsville LGA 19.1% 36.1% Douglas LGA 11.4% 23.8% Cassowary Coast LGA 36.1% 45.6%…

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Cairns Airport October

Not much inspiring or of note in the Cairns Airport numbers for October. Passenger numbers nudged higher but were down 64% on the previous October. Queensland school holidays end early in October after the long weekend so departures outweigh arrivals.

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Election Notes #2

  The wash-up in 2020 is maybe less complex but more profound than the last 2017 election: Quick election review for FNQ As a resident of Barron River I have now been wrong twice in my opinion of who would win. It wasn’t only me though as punters backed Linda Cooper for the LNP into a…

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