Then came omicron

Cairns has thrived through the pandemic period and defied southern commentators with their somewhat misguided stereotype of Cairns. Then came omicron with Google mobility compared to the previous year:

Post Christmas Covid

Not much on the shelves anyway I guess for grocery.

Post Christmas Covid 2

Hmmm. Anyway.

Post Christmas Covid 6

Parks can always depend on weather so we should be cautious but …..

Post Christmas Covid 5

…..people are spending way more time at home in Cairns than last year and ….

Post Christmas Covid 4

…..transits have rolled over below last year levels. Not a surprise. I flew from BNE to CNS this week re-booked from a cancelled Qantas flight and turned out to be quarter full at best. Anyway ….

Post Christmas Covid 7

….. at least workplaces are tracking back at 2020/2021 levels.


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