Regional Enrolments Gap Continues to Widen

AEC electoral enrolments to November 30 continue to widen the gaps in our northern region divisions with Leichhardt (Cairns) in vibrant green, Herbert (Townsville) in baby-shit brown, and Kennedy (Bob Katter) in bright pink.

Enrolments 112021 1 

The turnaround in Leichhardt from the Covid onset in March 2020 remains striking. This is again variation from the average enrolment of Queensland divisions so it is the relative change between divisions and not the change in number enrolled. To place in context of the 30 Queensland divisions since March 2020. 

Enrolments 112021 3

All the divisions ahead of Leichhardt in relative growth are located around Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Cairns based state divisions variation from Queensland average of 93 divisions:

Enrolments 112021 2  

Probably continue to be surprised that the Cairns division trend is tracking Barron River as closely as it is here while Mulgrave (Woree down to Deeral) is lagging out of the three but keeping up with the average. 

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