Interim November JobSeekers

Interim November JobSeekers to a parliamentary committee courtesy again to Michael Klapdor for the link. This is only a further two weeks of data from the previous October release with numbers continuing to fall a further 215 or 1.32% since October in Cairns SA4.

Interim November JobSeekers 1

Cairns SA3 regions as a percentage of relevant population cohort:

Interim November JobSeekers 3

Indexed Cairns SA3 regions change since March 2020 as a percentage of relevant population:

Interim November JobSeekers 2

Since March 2020 I have pointed out that percentage point changes are not a relevant comparison when the structural base levels are different. This was also pointed out previously by the Australian Parliamentary Library. This is why I prefer to represent the data as above as a percentage of the eligble age population. Cairns structural base is higher than other comparable Queensland SA4 regions.

If we use simple percentage declines in Cairns SA2 areas over this short interim period the largest declines remain in areas with higher structural rates. Westcourt – Bungalow -4.42%; Woree -4.41%; Yarrabah -3.54%; Manoora -3.44%; Manunda -3.10%. This is despite coming off a higher structural base. It’s the opposite of the initial pandemic phase where it was regions with low structural rates with the highest percentage increases.

This could be a positive trend or it could be just administrative or policy related to reduce numbers. Maybe.


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