FNQ electoral enrolments continue to grow faster than anywhere north from Gladstone

Annual growth in Queensland electoral enrolments continue to roll down with border restrictions in place and is now at 1.7% p.a. year to October.

Enrolments 102021 1

I should go back and compile comparative state data here and interest will be on what happens in the new year.

In our Queensland divisions Leichhardt continues to be the only positive trend in the northern divisions although there is a flicker in Flynn (Gladstone – Emerald).

Enrolments 102021 2

The ongoing slide in Dawson is also of interest. Dawson mostly represents the population of Mackay but extends north to include the Whitsundays and Burdekin into the southern fringe of Townsville.

Note these are variations from the Queensland average enrolment which is what is relevant to AEC when is come to boundary distributions. Enrolments in Dawson are still growing annually at 0.3% p.a. compared to Leichhardt at 2.2% p.a.

ECQ enrolment data* for overlapping state divisions within the Cairns urban footprint:

Enrolments 102021 3

State divisions of Barron River and Cairns are entirely within the Federal division of Leichhardt. Mulgrave straddles Leichhardt and Kennedy in the southern suburbs.

Growth in Barron River is not a surprise given building activity and previous ABS population growth estimates. Maybe a surprise that growth in the Cairns state division is tracking Barron River as closely as it is. Enrolments in Barron River are up 2.9% annually and 2.8% in Cairns.

* AEC maintain all electoral rolls for both state and federal divisions.


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