SA4 Vaccination Rates

Weekly SA4 region vaccination rates updated to 11/10/2021. I have only used 1st dose here for simplicity and with Pfizer dominating these should roll through within weeks to full vaccination. The legend ranks the Queensland regions top to bottom:

SA4 Vaccination 11102021

The rate of increase in the vaccination rate in Cairns over the course of this data series hasn’t quite matched most Queensland regions. Regions with a flatter growth trend also include Outback, Townsville and Wide Bay (which has closely tracked Cairns). Previously laggard SEQ regions Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan have played catch up but remain below the median.

A quirk in the regional data is that it isn’t based on the same population criteria as the state and national data. The regional data is expressed as a percentage of the 15+ age cohort from ABS estimates at June 2019. State and national data being widely quoted is based on 16+ from the June 2020 data. 

Regional population estimates by age to 2020 is quite recent and hasn’t been yet adopted. The regional estimates are in 5 year age bands while the state and national is by each year of age which probably explains why they have used slightly different age groups. 

It does mean though that the regional population estimates being used are now more than two years old which could make a difference at the margin. A quick look at a region like Gold Coast with relatively high population growth in the year to 2020 would reduce the vaccination rate by about 1.7 percentage points (if I have my sums right) with the more recent population numbers.  


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