SQM Vacancies & Listings

SQM vacancy rates updated for September remain at very low levels around Cairns with some differences between postcode areas. Most interest here is in postcodes 4870 (central) and 4879 (beaches):

SQM 0921 1SQM 0921 2

Weekly listings data from SQM, which is not the same as vacancies which attempts to identify genuinely vacant properties between tenants, shows some bounce in these areas:

SQM 0921 3SQM 0921 4

SQM national rental vacancy rate which will be dominated by the bigger capitals is near lows despite a collapse in population growth:

SQM 0921 5

Yet, in September 2020 the economic boffins at RBA posted this: The Rental Market and COVID-19

Over the medium term, the pipeline of apartments due to be completed, combined with weaker population growth, is expected to see the national vacancy rate increase by around 1 percentage point by 2021 before declining slowly as supply adjusts and international borders reopen.

Well, someone is / was wrong?


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