September JobSeekers (preliminary)

Thanks again to Michael Klapdor for an early link to September JobSeeker data provided to the Senate Covid-19 Committee.

JobSeekers 092020 1

Cairns SA4 numbers partially reversed the August increase. My preference still is to look at this as a percentage of the estimated eligible age population now updated to June 2020. 

JobSeekers 092020 2JobSeekers 092020 3

The salient point of these graphs is that the two SA3 regions which previously had/have a lower structural level of NewStart/JobSeekers are at the top of the scale on change since March 2020. This was something I suggested way back in July 2020: Taxable income, medians and averages.

Douglas numbers have now increased for two successive months. My concern with the data remains the SA2 regions which have shown declines since March 2020 with a high indigenous population and why this is.

JobSeekers 092020 4

Note: There is a previous statistical note at Cummings Economics which contains a JobSeeker + Youth Allowance graph and the comment “the steady downward trend in numbers receiving JobSeeker unemployment benefits in the region continued and finally returned to pre-Covid (March 2020) levels” in August. This is wrong. Bill hasn’t added the Youth Allowance component to his last data point.



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