Google Mobility Movements

Updated Google mobility to Saturday 24 September covers the first week of school holidays.

Google Mobility 240921

The school holiday periods are shaded here. There is a distinct fall in the workplace category which appears to be a feature of the data series represented here as a 7 day moving average. The period of big falls in between is the lockdown and restriction period.

As commented previously in A Look at Google Mobility Data there has been an interesting trend correlation between the workplace category and ABS payrolls. Google is more volatile around these holiday periods and events, so I have also removed Cairns show day from the data. The next ABS payrolls update should provide an opportunity to look at this again.

Note: School Holidays also resulted in quite a sharp response in Douglas Parks (which could almost be someone’s name). Parks can often be correlated with weather activity and while there hasn’t been much rainfall there were some pretty ordinary unpleasant windy days in September.


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