August JobSeekers

August JobSeekers + Youth Allowance (other) showed a marginal national decline in August although this was all over the place between different states and territories.

JobSeeker 0821 2

Mutual obligation requirements are currently relaxed again for lockdown locations in NSW and Victoria. With different lockdown circumstances and border closures in different states I don’t see much point trying to read these tea leaves.

Locally the Cairns SA4 numbers bumped up modestly:

JobSeeker 0821 4

SA3 breakdown benchmarked to a percentage of the eligible population:

JobSeeker 0821 2JobSeeker 0821 3

Tableland was the only Cairns SA3 region to decline in August. Subsequent to my previous post (July JobSeekers) most of the August increase was in lower socio-economic areas with a high indigenous population which also include the SA2 areas which have shown a fall in recipients since March 2020 such as Manunda, Manoora and Yarrabah.


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