Top Gun Gladys’ uncontrolled descent at Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport numbers predictably slumped in August with border closures from NSW and Victoria. The month also included the three day lockdown in Cairns as well as a period in SEQ. This is the lowest month since June 2020.

Airport 0821 1

Net arrivals – departures remained back in negative territory after a previous positive run. 

Airport 0821 2

Lagging BITRE top route data updated to June 2021 provides an interesting perspective prior to top gun pilot Gladys’ uncontrolled descent.

Airport 0821 3

There was a short Victorian lockdown in June followed by NSW in July and then Victoria again if I have my timeline right. There was some softness apparent in the Airport numbers in June however within that the decline from Melbourne was partly offset by Brisbane. Passengers on the BNE-CNS route were actually higher than June 2018 or June 2019.

This time last year CNS-BNE became the top route in Australia for a few months. I have no idea where current flight schedules are at with school holidays a week away. It would be useful if the airport provided commentary with their data release as they previously did.


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