Population by Age and Sex

ABS recently posted regional population estimates by age and sex at June 2020 which was lost in the maelstrom. Lagging and now somewhat dated these estimates only reflect the initial months of the covid era:

Population by Age 2020 1

I have used persons here rather than percentages of the population usually represented. A closer look at change by age group compared to 2019:

Population by Age 2020 2

While the ageing population profile is obvious the 45-49 age group seems  bit odd but it’s the losses in the 20-29 age groups which stand out. Biggest losses in this age group were in the Cairns City SA2 with notable losses also in Port Douglas and Brinsmead. Brinsmead?

Regional population growth had previously been released broken down by natural increase, internal migration, and overseas migration with growth in the Cairns SA4 declining to 0.9% in the year to June 2020. These latest population by age group estimates indicate growth in the population below age 60 at just 0.1%.

This release also provides a breakdown by sex represented as males per 100 females. Across the Cairns SA4 region this varies from 88.7 males per 100 females in Freshwater-Stratford and Mt Sheridan to 110.4 in Tully. This is something Tully seems to share with comparable regions such as Ingham and Burdekin.

Across Queensland SA4 regions Cairns is the only one beyond an extended SEQ incorporating Wide Bay and Toowoomba with a ‘normal’ male:female ratio at 98.4 compared to Queensland at 97.6. All the other ‘outer regions’ have a male:female ration above 100.

These are estimates and should come with a caution warning ahead of census revisions next year. There have been some not insignificant regional revisions in the past. Methodology: Estimating population for statistical local areas 

Also in recent circumstances be aware of the definition of Estimated Resident Population represented in these ABS estimates:

The Estimated Resident Population (ERP) is the official measure of Australia’s population based on the concept of usual residence. It refers to all people, regardless of nationality or citizenship, who usually live in Australia, with the exception of foreign diplomatic personnel and their families. It includes usual residents who are overseas for less than 12 months. It excludes overseas visitors who are in Australia for less than 12 months.


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