July Payrolls

Catching up with regional July payroll data from ABS last week. Falls across  Queensland in late July as lockdown effects kick in. We should note here that the reference period for the “official” ABS labour force survey was 4 – 17 July. Most declines seen here post date that period.

Payrolls 072021 1

Cairns SA4 highlighted in red. Somewhere about the middle of the range so far with the caveat on seasonal adjustment with a base in March 2020. The Biggest fall subsequent to the lockdown episodes was actually Brisbane-South. Also previously commented second from the bottom remains Mackay.

SA3 regions within Cairns SA4:

Payrolls 072021 2

The recovery in Douglas has been astounding but has obviously come off sharply from an open borders school holiday peak. Douglas is relatively small so wont pull the SA4 numbers around much which will be dominated by the Cairns urban areas.


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