Google mobility update

Latest Google mobility data takes us through to Saturday August 21. So this is more than a week after the three day lockdown but also only to the day after restrictions around masks were lifted which returned Cairns and Yarrabah to the rest of Queensland ex SEQ.

Google mobility data by category:

Google Mobility 210821

Response from the lockdown appears somewhat muted however my casual observation, for what it is worth, is that activity has picked up in the period since following relaxation of other restrictions such as masks.

Data from surrounding regions is very patchy and lower quality with one of the few continuous series being Douglas Shire parks which I have added in to the graph. There can also be weather related volatility around parks because I also checked the BOM rainfall data.

While more volatile and at a higher level from the baseline period this is more following the trend of transit stations within Cairns Regional Council which commenced declines earlier in July.

Refer to comments on transit station category in the previous post: A look at Google mobility data


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