July Airport Exodus

Airport numbers for July reflected the introduction of lockdowns.

Airport 0721 1

While only down 12.4% from the previous month July is usually the peak month of the year. Monthly and annual comparisons can become problematic in these circumstances. July 2021 was down to 48% of pre-covid July 2019 passengers which is the lowest on this comparison since February.

Airport 0721 2

Departures also exceeded arrivals in July by 17,187. This is a very sharp reversal of recent trends and the largest monthly net departures for the series in what has been usually a net arrivals month and takes annual net arrivals-departures back to negative. Net departure numbers at the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020 were of similar magnitude but spread over January – April.

Airport 0721 3

Obviously the outlook for August is not positive.


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