Vaccination Data #1

State and regional vaccination data this week to August 2 which can be browsed in map and table format at The Guardian. Queensland SA4 regions ranked top to bottom by fully vaxxed:

Vaxxed 1

There has been comment around the position of Mackay at the bottom of the table given the protests and position of George Christensen in that region. Reported at the ABC: Supply issues, no hubs blamed for lower vaccination rates in regional Qld

Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson said limited supply of the Pfizer vaccine in the region, mixed messages around the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the lack of a mass vaccination hub was why the region had such low numbers.

Demographic profiles also come into play with initial rollout targeted at older age groups. There are some interesting differences between states and territories in the age profile and vaccine rollout where I think I have also found one of Bob Katter’s missing crocodiles in the Queensland data:

Katter's Crocodile 

Source: Australian Government. Most states and territories display a similar reptilian fully vaxxed profile with the starkest difference in this link between more fat-headed wombat like aged Tasmania and the younger Northern Territory arrow head, which is not reptilian at all. 

The vaccine itself may go some way to explaining some divergence between fully vaxxed and first dose data positions in the table with a three week gap for Pfizer v the recommended twelve for AZ. Some of us benefitted from the Pfizer use-by-date sale at Cairns Hospital in May – June.

Most concerning aspect of the data though, similar to Sydney, the socio-economic pattern in the SA4 regions with Brisbane-West and City at the top while Logan and Outback (inc FNQ Cape and Strait communities) sit nearer the bottom. This could reflect age demographics, as could Mackay and Central Queensland where these two probably don’t really fit any socio-economic pattern either.


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