June Airport Lockdown Turbulence

Cairns Airport numbers for June were the first time that I can find where passenger numbers came in below May.

A short Melbourne lockdown commenced in June now followed by Sydney which looks far more serious. I’m not sure where that leaves the subsidised airfare scheme. There was a small hopeful flicker in international passengers with the Trans-Tasman bubble.

Airport 0621 1

Typically, June arrivals outnumber departures as we move towards the July peak and school holidays kick in at the end of the month. Which now pushes annual net arrivals to a new high.

Airport 0621 2

Any comparison with 2020 is meaningless so I prefer just a simple monthly comparison with the 2019 pre-covid normal.

Airport 0621 3

There was a statistical note last month from Bill Cummings suggesting domestic passengers above pre-covid levels when adjusted for international passengers who previously arrived on domestic routes. I think also I’d be a bit cautious on the trend at Conus while the Sydney lockdown continues.

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