Numbers from Nowhere

Alan Kohler who is a person I respect and have followed for many years now:

Kohler Cairns 4

This however was unprofessional, uncorroborated, and not deserving of respect. It was accompanied by Alan Kohler: What’s to be done about post-JobKeeper Cairns? (

Pete Faulkner had picked up on this at Conus: Cairns unemployment rate falls again but things are not all rosy

At this stage our best guess is that we will see an increase in the Trend unemployment rate towards the 8% level in the months after March with a gradual recovery from there. Alan Kohler’s talk of Cairns as a “ghost town after March” are nonsense.

I took issue with this at the time and received a DM from Alan:

Kohler Cairns 1

Back a week now in this surprisingly vibrant basket case ghost town.


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