Rental Bond Volatility

RTA rental bond data for the December quarter continues recent trends in median rents:

RTAQ420 1RTAQ420 2RTAQ420 3

The number of rental bonds held in Cairns Regional Council at December 31 declined by 338 (-1.5%) which is the largest quarterly decline for the series. The decline was led by the beaches with postcode 4879 down 111 (-3.6%). This is a time of year when there can be seasonal domestic migration movements.

RTAQ420 4

The volatility since 2019 continues following the previous declining trend from 2016 which was exceptional to Cairns. There can be some occasional quirks in the RTA spreadsheets but I would otherwise expect this data to be reliable. If there is a number that looks seasonally odd it is probably the low back in Q3 2019.

RTAQ420 5


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