Pokies reverting towards reality

October pokies numbers for the Far North are reverting toward the Queensland mean and both are reverting towards reality but remain elevated.

EGM 1020
Queensland EGM Growth by Various Regions YoY
October July-September*
Queensland 16.3% 24.8%
Cairns SA4 25.7% 41.6%
Cairns LGA 24.3% 40.8%
Townsville LGA 19.1% 36.1%
Douglas LGA 11.4% 23.8%
Cassowary Coast LGA 36.1% 45.6%
Tableland** 34.3% 53.6%
Innisfail SA2 48.0% 55.1%
Tully SA2 26.6% 36.6%
Cairns City SA2 17.0% 48.6%
* YoY 3 month average September quarter
** Tableland LGA + Mareeba LGA derived

Always some intriguing monthly moves with this data. Douglas put on a spurt in September but has now returned to bottom of the league table. Tableland also went big in September only to revert closer toward the mean. Cassowary Coast remains a standout and most particularly Innisfail.

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