Qld enrolments continue to surge

ECQ have posted enrolment numbers for October 30. The day before the election is also the second close of rolls. The first close of rolls was October 10 but I am not aware that this has either been posted or gazetted. The first close of rolls has been wrongly reported in the media (ABC) as September 30 which is the previous gazetted monthly enrolment. Queensland allows enrolment up to election eve but it will require a declaration vote as the rolls at the booth will be the October 10 first close.

Issues around this were what caused the conniptions around enrolment data at the last election in 2017:

ECQ enrolment 1020 1

Enrolment numbers at the ECQ results page this time would appear to be the unpublished October 10 close but who knows given the quality of ECQ systems. So turnout rates may not be comparable. The dotted black line above is the average Queensland division.

What is notable is that the surge in Queensland enrolment numbers has continued. Part of that may be enrolment changes due to the election itself but not all.

ECQ enrolment 1020 2

These are annual growth numbers. Highest growth numbers for the election month itself (over 1% for the month) were in South Brisbane, McConnel, Surfers Paradise and Logan.


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