Australian Accommodation Monitor

Somewhere in the last month the Australian Accommodation Monitor was posted for 2019-2020. This series has been outsourced by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) since 2016-2017 to STR. Previously there was an annual series from ABS.

Again, how useful this series is in the current circumstances is dubious. The tourism regional data provided is only annual with series supply and demand for Tropical North Queensland:

AAM 2020 1

Supply according to the STR glossary is total rooms available for sale during the period and demand is rooms sold. The STR data is weighted to the premium end, and a subsample of the census, as this is also their commercial business. Refer to initial post on the series: Hotel Futures 2018 Report

I may have overlooked last years data in this series but the most significant feature here is the previous decline during FY2019. I could post some dramatic graphs of monthly FY2020 data provided for Australia and Queensland but there is really no point.


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