RTA Rental Bonds

RTA rental bonds confirm the abrupt upward shift following the March quarter:

RTA Q32020 1

This is the total number of rental bonds held by RTA at the end of the quarter. I still remain wary of the data quality. There was no response from a query to RTA following the large bounce in the previous quarter. The most recent Excel data set appears to have an issue with row misalignment for North Queensland median rents but anyway:

RTA Q32020 3

Distinct upward moves in all northern tropical cities in the September quarter. Cairns breakdown of postcode rental share:

RTA Q32020 2

Percentage bond increase bonds by postcode over the last year:

4865 0.6%; 4868 1.6%; 4869 3.6%; 4870 2.2%; 4878 4.9%; 4879 7.5%; Cairns Regional Council 3.2%. 

Total bonds in Cairns over the past year increased by 686.


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