September Pokies

Cairns EGM pokies numbers for September have faded slightly but remain at extraordinarily elevated levels compared to 2019:

EGM 0920

Within that tabulated the initial splurge in the allegedly empty Cairns CBD has given way to robust numbers in regions around the Cassowary Coast and Tableland.

Queensland EGM Growth by Various Regions YoY
September July-September*
Queensland 20.6% 24.8%
Cairns SA4 36.4% 41.6%
Cairns LGA 32.1% 40.8%
Townsville LGA 30.7% 36.1%
Douglas LGA 33.1% 23.8%
Cassowary Coast LGA 41.4% 45.6%
Tableland** 67.5% 53.6%
Innisfail SA2 52.9% 55.1%
Tully SA2 34.1% 36.6%
Cairns City SA2 31.5% 48.6%
* YoY 3 month average September quarter
** Tableland LGA + Mareeba LGA derived

Who knows?


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