6000 Jobs

I really wanted to just go away and ignore the election spin but a headline at the Cairns Post:

Deb Frecklington has committed $20 million to buy a massive piece of machinery to create 6000 jobs in Cairns — but important questions remain about the fine print.

Bugger Modern Monetary Theory. One wonders why there is any unemployment at all if a mere $20 million can create 6,000 jobs?

“This $20m ship-lift will give Cairns the pulling power to land navy and civilian maintenance work which will secure 6000 local manufacturing jobs and create many more.” – Deb Frecklington


*tch* *tch* *tch*

What’s that skip even a dumb kangaroo can see that the 6000 is close to current manufacturing employment in Cairns and not created jobs but you aren’t an editor at the Cairns Post?


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