Playing with new listings data

To follow on from the previous post a further look at the new beta listings series from SQM. This is national weekly rental listings for Australia to 25 September:

SQM Beta Listings 1

This clearly shows that the house/unit split in the CairnsWatch rentroll survey is very much a national trend. Social distancing extends to housing preferences presumably?

This is a beta series from SQM so look forward to more info on methodology and definitions when it is fully launched. I usually prefer the postcode data from SQM with regions sometimes not well defined or useful. Some interesting postcodes include Noosa heads (4567) and Surfers Paradise (4217) but maybe we should reference a couple of our larger Queensland coastal regional cities:

SQM Beta Listings 3SQM Beta Listings 2

Gladstone and Mackay have both been working off boom-time supply overhangs for a few years now. South of the border the best benchmark to follow as this plays out could be Coffs Harbour 2450:

SQM Beta Listings 4

Coffs Harbour 2450 is a larger postcode covering the regional city and surrounding areas. It is the largest coastal city in NSW between Newcastle and the Queensland border with upgraded highway access. It is also a region which has had higher regional unemployment rates. This could be a good bellwether to watch. 

Note: Coffs is also a great stop on an east coast sojourn. The Co-Op at the harbour is highly recommended for fish’n’chips as is a stroll over the causeway to Mutton Bird Island (take aerogard during nesting season).


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