More Jobs Melange

Last week brought us new employment data from the ABS Labour Force Survey *official data* v the Department of Social Services *sort of official* JobSeeker recipients. It is a waste of time even commenting in the ongoing social media debates but will take refuge in a social media twitter post.

Jobseeker August 1

I think I said the something similar a few months ago. Never mind I have a graph anyway of changes in Cairns SA2 regions compared to the previous month.

Jobseeker 0820 1

The drop in Daintree (includes Mossman) and Port Douglas as well as Cairns City is welcome however what we don’t know is how much of this may be migration exits, or entries, among JobSeekers in locations with relatively high mobility at the margin. We don’t know how reductions in JobSeekers may be translating into employment. Particularly, yet again, at a regional level.

I was reluctant to post that graph lest the deplorables appear from under their rocks as we are seeing on Facebook the forum of uninformed ignorance with crime policy being dogwhistled racially in Cairns election memes.

The percentage increase in Yarrabah comprises 9 people. JobSeekers across the Cairns SA4 declined by 455 for the month.


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