SQM August

SQM rental vacancy data for August shows further declines in key Cairns postcodes:

4870SQM 0820 1

4879SQM 0820 2

Central Cairns 4870 with around half the rental stock in Cairns remains above previous seasonal levels. Beaches 4879 has now fallen back to previous seasonal lows. Keep in mind that vacancy rates in both these had modestly broken up from previous trends in late 2019.

The trend in Port Douglas is a contrast:

4877SQM 0820 3

The scaling here in these isn’t great from SQM free data but the vacancy rate is now at 6.4% in a seasonal peak month with a multi year upward trend. I went looking for Airlie Beach 4802 as a comparison which is a similarly concentrated postcode limited to the tourism region which is highly volatile but shows something more like the beaches 4879 spike and decline to low levels over recent covid months.

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