Extraordinary pokies data

I have updated OLGR pokie graphs neglected since February following the reopening in July:

EGM 0820 1

I previously ignored the posting of July numbers because it didn’t look realistic following several months (March – June in red) where data isn’t released. However August seems to confirm the almost unbelievable July numbers.

Cairns SA4 was up 49.7% on the previous July and 38% on the previous August. These are seasonally high months in Cairns. So much for the shutdown transitioning punters to online gambling?

I will need to pore through the regional details but in comparison All Queensland was up 21.8% in August on the previous year.

Note: OLGR have so far been able to post Queensland data for March only for Queensland and not for regions. This may be reason to question the regional data.

Source: Queensland OLGR


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