Intra-State Airport Recovery

Following the last post on recovery in traffic through Cairns Airport there has been commentary from Qantas on intra-state routes: Ballina, Broome and Cairns emerge as Qantas’ top destinations

“We have routes like Brisbane to Cairns, which is actually the top route in Qantas’ network, and the traffic on that is bigger than the traffic we had pre-COVID-19,” Mr Joyce said.

“Perth to Broome is actually getting ahead of what is was pre-COVID-19; Sydney-Ballina is ahead of where it was pre-COVID-19.”


Qantas Intra-state Routes

I’ll have to go back and check through the BITRE route data for historical comparison which will also include Virgin. BITRE data lags by a few months so we wont get anything meaningful on updated route comparisons until later in the year. Cairns Airport do provide forward schedule information which has now been updated to the 4 weeks from Sunday 23rd August.

Meanwhile an interesting yarn from the New York Times floating around. I particularly like the last photo of an almost empty strip of beach on The Esplanade at high tide which looks pretty typical really: ‘A Bit Surreal’: The Lonely Plight of the Great Barrier Reef

Also: August CEO update from TTNQ


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