Airport Trivia

Cairns Airport numbers for July showed a bounce following eased restrictions on July 3.

Airport 0720 2

Whether that will continue as a V-shaped recovery maybe something else with subsequent re-imposed border restrictions on NSW and Victoria. Airport passenger number totals are presented as arrivals + departures. Despite low numbers arrivals outnumbered departures by a significant proportion (@10%) in July which is what should be expected:

Airport 0720 1

I haven’t looked at this before but over the last 5 years passenger departures through Cairns Airport have outnumbered arrivals by an average 1,162 per month. There is obviously much seasonal and event volatility around this. Greatest volatility is typically around arrivals in January and departures in January. A 3 month average shows the first quarter of 2020 as the 5 year low for net departures.  The previous low was the first quarter of 2017 which was the notorious Chinese New Year fail in Cairns.


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