Payrolls Update

ABS has now updated their Covid Weekly Payrolls series for SA4 regional areas. This regional data had previously only been updated to May 30 prior to easing of lockdowns and borders. The first thing to note is that there have been some significant upward revisions to prior numbers in this new experimental series.

The May 30 index number for Queensland All SA4 has now been revised upwards by 0.9. Largest upward regional revisions in Queensland by index points: Downs-Maranoa +2.4, Outback +2.1, Central Qld +1.3, Gold Coast +1.3, Mackay +1.1. Cairns was flat. Indexed to March 14:

Payrolls 1

All Queensland SA4 is the red dotted line which now looks more sensible in regional comparison than it did in the previous release to May 30. Again this is not seasonally adjusted and the closing period on new data overlaps with school holidays. Generally, there hasn’t been much change in the spread between regions since the initial apocalypse with the low in the week post Easter.

Regional comparison of latest numbers week July 11 since the March 14 index to 100:

Payrolls 2



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