JobKeeper postcode data

Two weeks after the News Ltd “exclusive” on JobKeeper postcode data the Australian Treasury finally got around this week to posting the actual data: JobKeeper postcode data

What this shows is what was suspected. It’s a simple two column list of postcodes and business JobKeeper application numbers attached to that postcode by ATO. The data is subject to “definitions, caveats and limitations” most significantly:

The organisation application count at the postcode level is based on the most up to date primary organisation address detail that the ATO holds on its records, as supplied by the organisation. This address does not always represent the actual organisation location and/or trading location of the organisation. The organisation may also have multiple trading locations and this is not captured in this data set. The organisation location is also not representational of where employees are based.

Which really means the data is more than limited  limited for most practical purposes.


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