Seeking Relevant JobKeeper Data

Thanks to Pete Faulkner at Conus for guiding me to an alternative analysis of JobKeeper: Where do people receiving JobKeeper live?

JobKeeper Map 2

This features an interactive map with apologies for truncating Western Australia and Tasmania. The basic methodology here which also adjusts for population:

We’ve used business survey data on JobKeeper takeup from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in combination with the most recent census of the Australian population, to estimate and map, by local postcode, where people receiving the payment are most likely to live. Postcodes with the highest proportion of its residents receiving the payment are coloured red, and those with the least proportion are coloured green.

The ABS data would appear to be: Business response to JobKeeper payment scheme

This methodology places the Cairns 4870  hotspot from the previous post in the central 50-60 decile. A closer look at the Cairns region with the relevant characteristics for Cairns 4870:

JobKeeper Map

What this data shows is a JobKeeper pattern within the Cairns SA4 which generally correlates with the SA2 data for JobSeeker previously posted: Jobs data: but what does it mean?

Postcodes are still not a good way to look at it. Port Douglas appears as the only postcode in the region within the top 90-100 decile just as it was the extreme on JobSeeker. Airlie – Whitsunday is also in that category but these are both smaller concentrated postcodes along the Queensland coast. There can be extreme diversity within Cairns 4870 between say Freshwater and Cairns City SA2.

The methodology here isn’t that sophisticated and may be worth a go at SA2/3/4 level with updated data.

H/T: Conus 


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