SQM rental vacancy rates May

May SQM rental vacancy data postcodes 4870 Cairns, 4879 Beaches, 4877 Port Douglas:

SQM May 1SQM May 2SQM May 3

What then to make of this on asking rents also from SQM:

SQM May 4

This 3 year and 12 month change for units in 4870 is completely unhinged from RTA rental bond quarterly data to March which will be updated next month. It can be explained if the new stock entering the market is higher quality and location such as tourism accommodation entering the residential market. Maybe there are other explanations?

Note: I use the postcode data from SQM rather than the regional data which is a topic I will come back to. Trends and numbers for vacancy rates at SQM are generally consistent with CairnsWatch.


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