The wizards of .id

Cairns Regional Council has commissioned a report from .id Consultancy Pty Ltd

It’s an interesting and probably useful report for lobbying Brisbane and Canberra but what caught my attention was this table:

Wizzards 2

Yes, nobody would have suspected that Cairns would top the list of larger cities *insert sarcasm font here* with tourism the most affected sector, but many maybe wouldn’t have expected a dominant aggregation of localities reliant on gas? Seven out of the ten are gas industry related. It hasn’t really received much media attention compared to tourism. Unless the position of Chinchilla is based on a forecast collapse of international tourists to the Chinchilla Melon Festival?

It isn’t clear what the locality definition is given that Tannum Sands – Boyne Island is really a satellite suburb of Gladstone.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist the frivolous opportunity to get that in.

Trouble with gas: the Coalition is betting on the fossil fuel for recovery – but the sums don’t add up 


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