Trans-Tasman bubble benefits Queensland

Comment on the prospect of a Trans-Tasman travel bubble has often included that NZ has more to gain. That may be so, but the reasons NZ has more to gain turn out to be the same reasons Queensland may have more to gain among Australian states.

VFR (visiting friends & relatives) is also a significant component of Australian tourism. Queensland is attractive to Kiwi’s and has a far higher proportion of residents born in New Zealand.

Queensland:     201,206    4.3%

NSW:     117,136    1.6%

Victoria:     93,253       1.6%

Much of this is concentrated in SEQ with the Gold Coast at 7.9% of resident population born in New Zealand as at the 2016 Census.

Why a trans-Tasman travel bubble makes a lot of sense for Australia and New Zealand

State and regional unemployment rates in this time of COVID-19 with Pete Faulkner

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Consequently I’m surprised that the response in Queensland has been muted.


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