All about Airports

There is inevitably going to be a welter of commentary on economic data in coming months. I think it best to ignore most of this as competing economists attempt to build their Twitter profile. Perhaps someone should do a PhD thesis on that?

So, way back in January when the world was only just peeking over a precipice we have BITRE airport data:

BITRE Airports January 2020

There were some Covid19 impacts in late January leading into Chinese New Year but these wouldn’t go near rescuing Cairns from a distant second bottom on the list. Clearly there have been some flight schedule changes between Ayres Rock (aka Uluru) and Alice Springs at different ends of the scale. Traffic through the combination of these was actually down -0.5% over the year. However a consequence of that is that the Whitsundays have been entirely removed from the list as Uluru (aka Ayres Rock) replaces Proserpine in the monthly data. Not good BITRE as now Hamilton island (22) and Proserpine (21) competitively servicing a significant tourism region are excluded from monthly top 20 data.


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