Rainfall & Water

Late in the season and while Cyclone Harold has been wreaking havoc out in the Pacific it’s been a rather subdued wet season in FNQ.

Water 0420 1

Annual rainfall at Cairns Aero has dipped below average. While the wet season isn’t yet over it is getting late so perhaps we should  look at the storages.

Water 0420 2

Some issues there in the early part of this data from the BOM. Typically it will mostly be full by the end of wet season. Copperlode is currently at the lowest level for April since 2016. In 2016 there was an inflow during May and above average rainfall in Cairns throughout the wet season months.

Water 0420 3

Tinaroo didn’t really get the May or further dry season flows in 2016. At least it doesn’t show up in dam volumes. There was a period of very low levels for a year or two which I looked at back in 2018: Dam Divergence.

Rather than turn this into a long post I will come back and look further at Tinaroo and agriculture in the current context.



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