RTA data: also mostly more of the same

Residential Tenancies Authority bond data for the December 2019 quarter mostly shows a continuation of trends:

RTA December 2019 1RTA December 2019 2RTA December 2019 3

There are some more nuanced differences with percentage increases in units slightly lagging increases in houses in Cairns over the past year. A look at bonds lodged annually at December 31:

RTA December 2019 4

I posted on this a year ago: Cairns Rental Bond Dilemma, Moar Rental Bond Stuff

Townsville has taken a hit following the flooded March quarter so will have to watch how that flows through. Both Townsville and Cairns numbers were however positive for the final quarter. While down over the year bonds lodged in Cairns increased almost 1% over the final quarter which is interesting in context of reported vacancy rates around 1% – 2%. A rich source of quality data deserving more attention.


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