Parsing the Pokies data

Updated EGM stats for August confirm the growth slowdown for the Cairns SA4 region.

Pokies August 1

The annual moving average is a lagging indicator. Volatility earlier in the calendar was heavily influenced by seasonal events such as rain, floods, Chinese new year, and Easter which transferred a comparable non trading day from March to April.

Within that there are completely divergent trends between the Cassowary Coast and Douglas.

Pokies August 2Pokies August 3

I have been too lazy to derive numbers for the Tableland where numbers for both councils fall below the six venue disclosure threshold.

Townsville however continues to power ahead since the flood. Perhaps this is a point to revisit Bastiat’s broken windows?

Pokies August 4

This is LGA council data as the best comparison between cities. Nominal annual losses for Townsville are still below Cairns while catching up on a growth basis. Perhaps the best way to look at this is the raw monthly data of player losses / metered win.

Pokies August 5

Quite a seasonal bump.



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