Pokie revenue shifts from Douglas to Cassowary Coast for no obvious reason?

Cash continues to gush through Townsville pokies following the February flood up 14.4% on the previous July. This continues to flow through into the annual numbers. Cairns was up 3.9% in July and softer numbers in recent months could see the gap with Townsville widen as Cairns reverts closer to the Qld mean.

EGM July2019 1


Douglas continues the decline down 10.4% for July. The previous expansion of an additional venue and operating machines in Port Douglas has now flowed through to an equivalent monthly y-o-y comparison but will still factor in annual numbers.

EGM July2019 2


Cassowary Coast has been a mirror reversal of this trend led in recent months by Tully SA2 up 17.4% in June and 17.8% in July. Recent months in Innisfail have been similarly robust. Always intrigued by some of the volatility in this sector and some of this is balanced out by the derived numbers for the two venues in Johnstone up 118% in June and down 40% in July.

EGM July2019 3



Note: We can derive these numbers for the Cassowary Coast because both Innisfail and Tully SA2 have 6 venues each. Cairns City is the only other SA2 within Cairns SA4 where this data is available. There are no numbers at all for the Tableland because neither Mareeba or Tableland council areas have 6 venues so no data is disclosed for any area with fewer to protect the guilty. We can derive a combined number for the Tablelands councils from the SA4 data and other council areas within the SA4.


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