Townsville floods the pokies!

I usually update the Queensland EGM (pokie) statistics promptly every month. The numbers for February were released a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t posted because I’m completely flummoxed by the results.

Flooded Townsville exploded with pokie revenue win/loss up an astounding 33% on the previous year in February. That’s about an additional $2 million flushed down the machines in the wake of a disaster.

It has even thrown an extreme wonk into the annual data:

Townsville floods pokies

I don’t know what to make of it and not sure I believe it. Having analysed this data for a while now I can think of a couple of possible partial explanations but not sure I find any satisfactory to explain this extraordinary outcome. Barring any rational explanation I can only suggest it could make a good sociology thesis.

Meanwhile the Cairns growth numbers continue above the Queensland average. Mostly in the suburbs but some interesting numbers down in Innisfail. More significantly the Douglas pokie boom is over. Douglas and Cairns City SA2 (ex casino) are both double digit negative for the opening two months of the year.



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