No Nova News

Commentary in the latest report from WGC to the Singapore exchange:

Aspial 2018Q4

Nothing much changes in commentary except that there have been about 7 additional sales in the quarter which probably isn’t bad given the sales history today and current property climate:

Project Nova City Tower 1
Type Residential & Commercial
Total Units 187
Launch Date 4Q2016 (calendar year)
Units Launched 101
20172Q % Sold* 34%
20173Q % Sold* 34%
20174Q % Sold* 35%
20181Q % Sold* 39%
20182Q % Sold* 50%
20183Q % Sold* 54%
20184Q % Sold* 61%
* % sold based on number of units launched

Still no indication of any construction timetable for Nova and news around the project has been relative quiet of late. A curiosity is sales at Australia 108 in Melbourne which had been as high as 98% before the completion of stage 1 in 2018 but now reported at 89%.

1 Computed based on the number of sale and purchase agreements that have been entered into and still subsisting (less any sale and purchase agreements for those completed units that have been rescinded) or fully settled as at the date of this announcement.


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