Cairns Airport: fasten seatbelts

Cairns Airport passenger numbers for December deteriorated further. Domestic -3.3%, International -6.9%, Total -3.9% on last year.

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That sends annual growth numbers into negative for the first time since 2010. The rolling annual peak in passenger numbers was actually back in March assisted by the lunar data havoc. The declines since August have been quite abrupt and not inconsistent with the recent overseas arrivals data for Queensland.

Sydney Airport bellwether also posted numbers last week with domestic down -2.6% for December. The impact of storm and weather was cited again as it was the previous month. International was also below trend at +3.7 with Chinese nationals (inc Hong Kong) +4.2%. The expectation should be that the earlier Chinese new year in February should boost the January numbers somewhat.

Source: Cairns Airport


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