Cairns Airport engine loses thrust

November numbers today from Cairns Airport posted the third consecutive monthly fall in domestic passengers down -2.6%. Have to go back to the post GFC period in 2010 for the previous occurrence. Domestic capacity expansion from Qantas in to Cairns is scheduled from March 2019.

Airport November 1

Airport November 2
Airport November 3


Yet again there is no commentary from the Airport which would be useful, particularly international which was down -12.9% for November.

Numbers today also from Sydney Airport which was also negative -1.1% in November. This was attributed to a strong previous period and weather disruptions. The Sydney storms at the end of November did cause widespread delays and cancellations but without commentary it isn’t clear what impact this may have had in Cairns.

A positive in the Sydney numbers was an improvement in Chinese nationals (inc. Hong Kong) +7.6%. Hopefully that wasn’t all departures.


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