Cairns Airport: Friday dump

Cairns Airport has posted numbers for September. International -4%, domestic -3% on the previous September 2017.

Airport Sep

Without an imminent turnaround that annual trend could pull down for at least a few months yet. The numbers here are Cairns passengers ex transits etc. The full annual data including transfers and transits has gone negative which will likely flow through to the BITRE comparative data in coming months.

No commentary again from the airport in this report which is odd because they were happy to comment earlier in the week to the Cairns Post on “new data” related to performance and direct flights. Never mind, something to come back to when it isn’t a Friday night.

Saturday morning update: School holiday changes may also influence the September numbers so likely not as weak as it looks. Queensland and NSW both shifted back a week compared to 2017. If so should anticipate an October bounce. That’ll learn me for posting on a Friday night.

Sydney Airport commented on this in numbers posted yesterday, and were generally flat in September, which I missed. Sydney also provide good numbers on international passengers which confirm some trends in the recent ABS stats:

Sydney September


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