Kachink Kaboom

Hasn’t it been a wonderful spell of fine weather the past few months in our FNQ paradise. I just assume that most are like me and try to make the most by getting outside. But no. Apparently what people do more is go and play pokies (Electronic Gaming Machines) in hotels and clubs.

Pokies August

Yes, pokie player losses in Cairns SA4 region surged again in August up 10.3% on last year (ex Reef Casino). This was more than double the also buoyant 4.6% growth for Queensland for the month and shames another lamentable performance by Townsville with just 2.3% growth in player losses.

Douglas again boosted the numbers up 26.5% on expanded EGM numbers from 169 to 178 pokies over the year. Cairns City SA2 also outperformed the mean. Cairns Regional Council area, where most of the people and pokies are, was up 8.8% on last August. August surpassed July in Cairns for the first time on available data.

Growth in EGM pokie player losses currently seems to be outperforming any other statistic I am aware of for the region?


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